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Whatever You Thought, Think Again, poems by Jo Freehand, published by Read Furiouslyis now available for purchase here or through Barnes and Noble.

The last word in Jo Freehand’s astonishing new book, Whatever You Thought, Think Again, is the imperative Ride. She sends us out on a magic carpet to face the world as she has encountered it in poems that are not afraid to open any door to any castle, to face down any ogre. In the company of Grandmom Alcorn, Julie Andrews, Gretel, Goldilocks, and Red Riding Hood and a poet brave enough to find humor and hope in our human condition, we dare to question what we took for granted, to wrestle meaning from trauma, and to celebrate this rollicking and rewarding ride language takes us on.

Christopher Bursk, author of The Improbable Swervings of Atoms

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